Grape varieties

More than 100 grape varieties are cultivated on just over 103,000 hectares, two-thirds of which are white and one-third red. In an international comparison, Germany is the world leader in Riesling and Pinot Blanc cultivation and in third place for Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.


  • > 100

    grape varieties

  • 103.000

    hectares vineyard area

  • 1/3

    red wines

  • 2/3

    white wines

Weiße Rebsorten

  • Varietal Pinot Blanc Elegant Pinot Blancs, vinified dry, with fresh acidity and fine fruit are ideal menu wines, but also light summer wines.

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  • Varietal Faberrebe This early-maturing, high-yielding vine produces light to golden yellow, fruity, elegant wines with well-structured acidity and a subtle muscat tone.

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  • Varietal Ortega Ortega wines are characterised by fine fruit, a peachy bouquet and low acidity.

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Rote Rebsorten

  • Varietal Regent The Regent variety is a new variety that produces fiery, almost Mediterranean wines.

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  • Varietal Black Riesling This grape variety, which originates from Burgundy, only has late ripening and grape shape in common with Riesling.

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  • Varietal Domina rich, full-bodied, tannic, medium acidity

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