Weingut Singer-Bader und Weinkorb Vinothek

Weingüter Singer & Bader - Outstanding Vinothek in Württemberg

The "wine basket" catches every eye as it comes into view: a large trellised structure of wood and steel covering the three-story house like a second skin — a modern interpretation and architectural wordplay on the town name. A broad bank of windows dominates the ground floor, offering excellent sight lines into the futuristic wine bar. The tension between the traditional and the modern sought by young winemakers Julian and Barbara Singer is easy to see here, not least in their striking wine event house above two vaulted cellars from the 16th century. A house with character and profile. And the wines are just like their makers. 

Korb sits in the Rems Valley, on the outskirts of Stuttgart and the Württemberg Wine Route. Husband and wife each come from one of the region's long-standing winemaking families, Singer and Bader respectively. They opened their attention-grabbing vinothek in September 2014, and quickly earned first place in the 2015 Baden-Württemberg Young Winegrower Competition in the category of "Wine Program and Wine Events." They were also singled out in the young winemaker competition by the gourmet magazine "selection" in the Wine Quality classification. 

The idea for the unique look of the building came while studying oenology in Giesenheim, and in particular during the mandated foreign internship on the topic of wine and architecture. Today the estate offers a variety of events, from wine and sensory analysis seminars to hot air balloon rides and vineyard hikes. The live concerts each Thursday are a big favorite: relaxed 

after-work evenings with music from regional bands from Stuttgart and the Rems Valley, served to Swabian tapas such as Salzkuchen (a local quiche) and smoked Rems Valley boar — and, of course, wine specialties from their family estates. The palate ranges from "Plaisir," a 2015 Riesling/Sauvignon Blanc feinherb from Weingut Bader to the 2012 Syrah from Weingut Singer with subtle smoky accents in the nose and a lovely structure in the mouth. 

The ambiance of the 100-square-meter vinothek would mean little without high quality wines, and so the couple takes great pains to grow their vines on the warmest south-facing slopes of the Rems Valley. Korber Kopf, Steinreinacher Hörnle and Kleinheppacher Kopf boast a unique micro-climate. Powerful, concentrated red wines and nuanced whites, just as these two oenologists love them. 

The town name translates as 'basket,' and there is no lack of them here. Visitors can rent a picnic basket from the Singers in one of four variations, from vegetarian for two to the family version for three to five persons. The family's vineyard hut in the hills is the perfect destination for such a hike, offering a majestic view over the Rems Valley. 

Opening Time

Wednesday through Friday 3:00 – 7:00 pm
Saturday from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Live music Thursdays from 7:00 – 10:00 pm

Wine tastings during opening hours Thursday + Friday 3-6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Singer-Bader Winery, Albert-Moser-Str.100, 71394 Kernen-Stetten and at our WEINKORB Vinothek Rosenstr.1, 71404 Korb.