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Outstanding Vinothek in Franken

A wine cellar in the roof? Why not? It fits the philosophy of Weinwerk Manufaktur in the spa town of Bad Kissingen. After all, Kathrin Baier-Buttler and her team like to do a lot of things differently from others. This also includes the fact that after purchasing the historic building from 1874, her husband - an architect by profession - decided: "We'll just turn it over!" That’s because the old dome could never have supported the weight of tanks and barriques, so the building had to be completely realigned statically.

Today, after destemming and pressing the grapes, all of which grow in neighbouring Hammelburg, the must is pumped up through a pipe from the ground floor. Since 2020, all of the Manufactur's creations have been produced at the winery in the middle of the city and can be sampled in their wine and tapas bar. "The building slumbered for many years in a deep sleep," says Kathrin Baier-Buttler, who went to school in Bad Kissingen and can still remember the days when a carpet dealer traded there. In any case, the city was enthusiastic about the concept of a winery on the site.

The 45-year-old business manager, who previously worked in marketing, is clearly adept at making a career change. After purchasing the first vineyard in 2010, she launched her own Silvaner vintage. Today she has the support of a team of 16, which also includes many experts from her husband's family. Kathrin Baier-Buttler was also the creative driver of the winery from the start. In her opinion, as managing director, enjoying wine must be fun. That is why she leased a historical pavilion in the Regentenbau building ensemble of the popular Bavarian spa resort in 2016. But because this "flagship store" is not particularly large at just under 40 square meters, and the idea was not only to offer customers event space, but also to show how the wines are made, she decided to also open the glass facility at the rose garden.

The love for design is evident in every detail: in the striking broken exposed brickwork and the golden shimmering wall as well as in a table whose wood comes from her parents' sawmill. Or in the stunning spiral staircase made of raw steel which looks like an oversized corkscrew, leading to the upper floor and roof terrace, from where you can take in views of the Regentenbau, the rose garden and the Altenberg with the Sisi monument.

"The Manufactur represents what we stand for: We are traditional and down to earth, but at the same time modern and cosmopolitan," says the Franconian owner, who loves developing new variations. It is only logical that even the ‘Tapas’ on the menu are a little different. Here it’s ‘Plucked’ - the Franconian Obadzda (rich soft spiced cheese mix) - as well as Köttbullar (small meatballs) with red wine cranberries, Mediterranean or oriental delicacies. Even the white bread is black here. This is no empty marketing gag, rather a celebration of an exciting break with tradition.


Growing area Franken

The Bocksbeutel is the trademark of Franconian wine, which has been cultivated for over 1200 years, especially along the Main River. Franconian wine country is bordered by the Rhön Mountains to the north, the Steigerwald Forest to the east, the Tauber Valley to the south and the Spessart Mountains to the west.

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