Winery Meintzinger

Weingut Meintzinger - Outstanding Vinothek in Franken

An architectural structure is like a portrait. It depicts building owners, the era in which it was created and perhaps the change that has taken place in the decades and centuries since. The Meintzinger Hotel and Winery in Frickenhausen am Main is, at the very least, a particularly splendid and colourful example of the genre. Actually, it is a whole group portrait with lots of crazy characters - and in the end, it is predominantly a portrait of a single woman. Not as complicated as it sounds. The complex was built as the summer residence of the prince-bishops of Würzburg, and all history aside: The eminences understood how to enjoy themselves. Five buildings, lots of space.

So, when Michaela Meintzinger speaks of her vinothek as “our wine room”, then it is a grand understatement. But she does, and that adds a few powerful coloured strokes to the portrait of the woman who also runs a hotel, operates a winery, pours and sells wine, directs construction crews, accesses the sanctuary, the barrel cellar and looks after and receives guests, as formerly only the prince bishops knew how to. But it doesn't take long before the lady of the house starts talking about the differences: "We're different," she states. “Spontaneous, relaxed and definitely not as decorous. We wear jeans and sneakers. And the guests like to come because that's exactly what they like. "

Excuse me, what? In a former residence of the prince-bishops? Michaela Meintzinger laughs that laugh that she established as the business’s trademark 16 years ago. She knows the effect, after all she staged it herself: The guest stands in front of the building, full of awe; Afterall, the monument protection office is always on the lookout. Then they enter - and can't believe their eyes: ancient, cracked walls and velvety exposed concrete, exposed roof beams, ceiling frescoes that the prince-bishops always loved in their residences. At the same time, graffiti on the walls, plush armchairs, warm natural wood, hip barstools. In the centre there is a self-service wine bar. It is based on honesty and trust. It works!

The Würzburg architect Reinhard May has done everything possible. Baroque concept with a touch of street art, urban industrial and an ever mischievously smiling pop flair. "That's how we are," says Michaela Meintzinger. “And this is our wine: It should be fun. You can philosophize about it with a wine connoisseur if you want to. But best if the ambience is light hearted and the wine just like us: uncomplicated and cheeky. This is the only way not to overlook the humility that lies in hospitality. In the gesture of giving: It is the guest who orders, who should feel comfortable, totally at home and even a little more than that. The host fulfills the wishes. A successful portrait also has its delicate and thoughtful nuances."

Opening Time

Monday - Friday: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

Saturday:  8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Sunday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm