Weingut Van Volxem

Outstanding Vinothek in Mosel

A hundred to a hundred and twenty years ago, wines from the Mosel, Saar and Ruwer were among the best in the world. In many capital cities and restaurants, they were sometimes priced higher than well-known names from Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne. Then followed a deep slumber for decades. Some wineries were completely forgotten.

One of them was brought back from this oblivion by, of all people, a son of the Bitburger beer brewing dynasty. In 1999, Roman Niewodniczanski took over the Van Volxem winery on the Saar. His vision: to recreate the golden times of the Saar Rieslings. Twenty years later, the wine world is in agreement: Roman Niewodniczanski succeeded. Together with a handful of fellow winemakers, he has given the Saar a new standing. With fine, filigree Rieslings from the steep slopes.

In 2019, Niewodniczanski reached another milestone. The Van Volxem ‘Manufactory’ was opened. This is where the core values ​​of his philosophy are combined: clarity, elegance and precision, in wine as well as in architecture and design. "In international viticulture, wine and architecture have always gone hand in hand," says Niewodniczanski. "The entire construction here primarily follows the requirements of winemaking." The design allows that all processes in the winery can be carried out by gravity. "We don't have to use pumps, which saves the wine," explains Niewodniczanski. One of the demands of the wine entrepreneur is that functionality and elegant design are always combined. The Manufactory is testament to this.

Italian architects from South Tyrol and an interior designer from Germany were commissioned for the construction. "We have a claim to excellence," says Niewodniczanski, who wanted the best in construction without sacrificing sustainability. The winery supplies itself 100 percent with solar power. The vinothek and the visitor area can be seen from afar. The tower-like building is located in the midst of vines on the Wiltinger Schlossberg. A gently undulating vineyard with a direct connection to a sidearm of the Saar River.

The vinothek is based on the "Bismarck Tower" on the opposite side of the river, which was built in 1893 as an expression of the self-confidence of the successful Saar viticulture. The Van Volxem tower is roughly at the same height. »We feel obligated to this history and want to build on this international reputation again«, says Niewodniczanski.

An important structural element for the building is natural stone, which is a reference to the mineral wines hailing from the surrounding steep slate slopes. The facade is made of light shell limestone, and gneiss garnet was used in the basement. This ensures perfect climatic conditions when the Rieslings mature and follows the tradition of dry mortarless construction for vineyard walls so typical to the Mosel region.

Opening Time

Tuesday - Sunday and Holidays: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm