the classic with a difference Franconian cider soup

the classic with a difference

  • 500 ml Weißwein (Spätlese)
  • 500 ml Geflügelbrühe
  • 350 ml Sahne
  • 30 Gramm Zwiebeln
  • 30 Gramm Weißes vom Lauch
  • 30 Gramm Sellerie
  • 30 Gramm Karotten
  • 30 Gramm Butter
  • 180 Gramm Mehl
  • 2 Lorbeerblätter
  • 1 EL Butterschmalz
  • 4 Scheiben Weißbrot
  • Nach Belieben Zucker, Muskat, Zimt, Salz


Sauté the vegetables in butter until lightly browned, dust with flour and then add the vegetable stock, wine and 250 ml cream. Add the spices and simmer for approx. 15 minutes.


Remove the crusts from the slices of white bread and cut into 1 cm cubes. Fry in hot clarified butter until golden brown and season with cinnamon, whip the remaining cream until stiff.



<p> Strain the soup and flavour with nutmeg and salt.


Pour into deep plates, garnish with whipped cream and the cinnamon crusts.

  • Müller-Thurgau (trocken)
  • Silvaner (trocken)