Vineyard of Max-Klinger, Naumburger Blütengrund

On the Max-Klinger vineyard in the beautiful Blütengrund you can enjoy a unique flair and an almost Mediterranean ambience.


  • 10,3 km


  • 2,5 hours


  • low

    Difficulty level

Großjena near Naumburg is home to the idyllic Blütengrund region, where the Unstrut opens out into the Saale River. The soft light and intense hues of the landscape delighted the artist Max Klinger so much that he bought a vineyard in the Blütengrund in 1903.

The area also became his final resting place in 1920. Nestled between the vines and the river, the unique magic that once inspired the artist can still be felt to this day. And in 2012, Wines of Germany chose the vista from the Max Klinger vineyard as the Best Vineyard View in the Saale-Unstrut Region.

It encompasses the idyllic Saale Valley and rolling hills, ending with the town of Naumburg. The trail through the vineyards also passes by the Steinernes Bilderbuch stone relief.