Baden - Dasenstein

The Dasenstein is located in the vineyards of Kappelrodeck with a view of the Rhine and the Black Forest.


  • 4,5 km


  • 2 hours


  • easy

    Difficulty level

Baden - Dasenstein

The point where the Black Forest meets the Rhine Valley is also the place where the Rebland wine region sprawls around the town of Kappelrodeck, and where the Dasenstein soars up: Centuries ago, a beautiful damsel, the daughter of Rodeck Castle’s owner, fell in love with a poor farmer’s son. This angered the lord of the castle so much that he disowned his daughter. As the farmer’s son now wanted nothing more to do with her, she retreated to the Dasenstein, where she lived in a cave and planted grapevines.

As she often played tricks on people, she became known as the Hex vom Dasenstein (“witch of the Dasenstein”) – a name which today denotes the legendary wines produced by the Achertal Valley wine growers. Located along a Weinlehrpfad (educational wine path), the Dasenstein offers breathtaking views of Kappelrodeck’s vineyards and beyond to the Hornisgrinde, the highest peak in the Northern Black Forest.