The bend in the Elbe river at Diesbar-Seußlitz

From the Lehmann Winery, walk directly along the Elbe Cycle Path in the direction of Meißen and leave the path at the "Brummochsenloch" turnoff, right next to the Jan Ulrich wine domicile.


  • 3,5 km


  • 1 hour


  • easy

    Difficulty level

The bend in the Elbe river at Diesbar-Seußlitz

From the Lehmann winery, you walk directly on the Elbe bike path towards Meißen and leave the path at the ‘Brummochsenloch’ fork, adjacent to Jan Ulrich’s Weindomizil. There you follow the road to the back, then at the end turn left at a single-standing house and pass the gate to the vineyards of the Lehmann winery. It is best to walk past the left or right side of the vineyards until you come to a larger gate. Keeping to the left and slightly ascending, you pass another gate with an information board from Schloss Wackerbarth.

You walk along a small wall until you see a seat with a roof. Sit down and take in our Best Vineyard View 2020.

The way back continues straight, where you walk on the right and left through the vineyards. Arriving at a green fence, you will see an information board for Diesbar-Seußlitz. Walk through the fence gate and remember to close it behind you!

From here, the path goes downhill through the Seusslitz forest until a staircase appears. Climb down and keep left in the castle park. From there, follow the Saxon Wine Route until you turn into Forststraße (the forest road). Continue straight ahead for about 150 m and turn right, between the houses of the Seußlitzer Hof, then walk straight to the bike path and turn left towards Meißen, following the path straight for about 1 km until the tour ends at the Lehmann winery.