terroir f

Places that you remember, whose sight takes your breath away, that let you read in the landscape like in an open book. These magical places have a name in Silvaner Heimat Franken: terroir f.


  • 4,5 km


  • 1,5 Stunden Gehzeit


Magical places that stay in your mind, whose views take your breath away, have a name in the Franken homeland of Silvaner: terroir f. The terroir f site in Stetten is not just a viewing platform; rather, a place where architecture and landscape merge and visitors are enchanted. In 2020, it was voted one of the most beautiful wine views. Embark on a hike and you will get to know its magic for yourself.

From the Weinwander car park, which can be easily reached from the connecting road (MSP 8) between Himmelstadt (B27) and Stetten, you head towards Rotberg. Along the way you will find information about viticulture and land consolidation, the ‘Flurbereinigung’ undertaken by the national government in the 1950s and 70s to increase the production potential of the land. The path continues to the historic vineyard and vintner chapel. From there it continues to the Stein-Weinhütte, where there is the opportunity to rest while looking at the Main Valley with its slopes lined with grapevines. Along the Main Valley there is not only wonderful views for the hiker, but also information about the dry-stone walls in the vineyards and the geology of the Franken wine region. Upon arrival at terroir f in Stetten, you can climb the steel viewing platform for a breathtaking 360-degree view that extends to Würzburg and far into the Spessart.

The viewpoint hovers high above the dry grasslands, which is home to a large variety of plants and animals, symbolizing the importance of preserving nature and biodiversity.
The terraced rows of stone walls with their seating, in the form of an amphitheater, symbolize the meandering course of the Main river and are made from the various stones of the Franconian Triassic period - colored sandstone, shell limestone and keuper.