Winninger Vineyard Terraces

The terraced steep slopes of the Mosel characterise the cultivated landscape in the Terrassenmosel area named after them. The most extensive terraces are found near Winningen, not far from Koblenz.

No fewer than 29 terraces are superimposed on each other in the Koberner and Winninger Uhlen, and around 17.4 kilometres of dry stone walls have been built to support them. With a size of about 19 ha and a vineyard area of 14.6 ha, the Uhlen is Germany's largest contiguous terraced site. Other well-known sites in Winningen are Hamm, Brückstück and Röttgen. They all have exceptional cultural and historical significance. The dry stone walls were built as early as the Middle Ages, and parts of the walls most probably date back to the 13th to 15th centuries. There is even an eight-metre-high section of wall in Winningen. 130 span arches and 600 sheer stairways structure the wall landscape. The construction of a dry stone wall without mortar and concrete, is an art that is mastered by very few craftsmen today. Nevertheless, the people of Winningen know how to take good care of their dry stone walls. The walls provide a habitat for numerous animals. Apollo butterflies, eagle owls and other animal species have found shelter and a home in the dry stone walls. Of course, the steep slopes also stand for outstanding wines. The wines of almost 20 wineries can be tasted in the local wine shop, which is located in the former Winningen hospital.