Attention for German wines continues to grow


An analysis of media monitoring in the first two quarters of 2024 shows that global attention for German wines continues to increase. As an example, four publications in the USA, the most important sales market from a German perspective, are listed below, including the New York Times.

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Best price-performance ratio

The New Wine Review writes about Pinot Noir and positions German Pinot Noir as attractive, affordable alternatives as Burgundy Pinot Noir prices continue to rise. The article explains why Germany has an ideal climate for growing Pinot Noir, and then recommends Pinot Noirs in all regions and price ranges - from Grand Cru to budget Pinot Noir.

Export: Riesling dry in demand

In its print edition of 31 July, Wine Spectator highlights the increasing interest in dry German Riesling. In the article, wine columnist Kristen Bieler asks German winemakers about misconceptions in perception as well as future plans for Riesling in Germany, discussing classifications, changing climate conditions and more that are changing the way Riesling is presented and perceived

Best German roséwines in the USA

Joe Micallef, wine critic at Forbes, published an article in the second quarter of 2024 about the best German roséwines and where to find them. Micallef summarised the different types of rosé, from dry üto full-bodied to sparkling and beyond, before going into grape varieties, possible pairings and wine recommendations.

New York Times' Chief Wine Critic Recommendation

The New York Times chief wine critic, Eric Asimov, has compiled the 20 best wines under $20 to beat the summer heat. Included in this list of dry fruity wines are the 2022 Holger Koch, Badischer Landwein, Ja Goutte! from Baden and the 2021 Battenfeld-Spanier, Grüner Sylvaner Trocken from Rheinhessen. Both wines were selected for their dry, lively flavours. Also included was the 2022 Brand Landwein Rhein "The Electric Chardonnay Acid Test" from the Palatinate, which was selected for its "lively, energetic flavour", said Asimov.

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