Start of the worldwide Riesling Weeks in April


From 21 to 28 April 2024, the annual Riesling Weeks organised worldwide by the German Wine Institute (DWI) will start in Singapore.

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Summer of Riesling Schanghai, 2023
Summer of Riesling Schanghai, 2023

For the second time, the Southeast Asian island state is hosting the campaign weeks for wines from German regions as part of the international wine trade fair ProWine Singapore. German wine princess Jessica Himmelsbach will host tastings in selected restaurants and wine bars in the city and introduce interested trade visitors to the high-quality wines of German origin.
The first week of the campaign will be followed by the Riesling Weeks in Finland from 20 May to 2 June and in Poland from 1 to 30 June.

Promoting the image and sales of German wines

For the wine trade and the catering trade in the export markets, these events in conjunction with importers, merchants, restaurateurs and producers are a popular way of drawing the attention of wine lovers to German wines and their regional origin and promoting the image and sales of German wines. They emphasise the quality and versatility of the Riesling grape variety, especially in combination with food, but also focus on other grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Silvaner.
This year's Riesling Weeks will be held in eight different countries in various formats. In Great Britain, for example, the Riesling Weeks will be held over four weeks under the title "31 Days of Riesling", in China as „Summer of Riesling“ and in Japan as „German Wine Weeks“ even over two months.

Trade presentations well attended

The popularity of the international table presentations organised by the DWI with producers and importers remains unbroken after many years. They are another important instrument for expanding the market position of German wines in foreign markets. The first table presentation of the year „The Others“ took place in Oslo at the end of February. The well-established event met with a consistently positive response from the 14 participating companies, six importers and the 43 participants in the masterclasses. Last year, a total of 25 companies took part in the Big G-Trade Tasting in London, while the Riesling, Pinot & Co presentation in Utrecht counted 40 participating companies and 350 participants in the popular masterclasses.




Time period



21-28 April 2024

Riesling Week


20 May - 2 June 2024

Riesling Weeks


01 - 30 June 2024

Riesling Weeks


13 – 22 June  2024



29 May -09 June  2024

Riesling Weeks


01 July – 30 August  2024

German Wine Weeks


01 July – 30 August  2024

Summer of Riesling

Great Britain

01-31 July  2024

31 Days of German Riesling


Table presentations



Time period




18 April 2024




19 April 2024

London - Big G - Trade Tasting

30 April 2024

Beijing - Riesling & Co.

10 April 2024

Xi‘an - Riesling & Co.


Prague - Riesling, Pinot & Co

28 May 2024

Utrecht - Riesling, Pinot & Co

24 June 2024

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