New wine market statistics published


The new edition of the German wine industry's most comprehensive collection of data is now available. The brochure "German Wine - Statistics 2023/24" illustrates the most important facts and figures from the German and international wine world in a total of 28 tables and charts.

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Deutscher Wein Statistik 2023-24 Titel.
Deutscher Wein Statistik 2023-24 Titel.

Developments on the wine market highlighted

Every year, the German Wine Institute (DWI) shows how the wine market is changing and thus allows conclusions to be drawn about future development potential. For example, the development of vineyards and wine consumption in Germany and abroad are analysed, as are the extensive data from the quality wine test and wine exports of the previous year.

The brochure can be downloaded from the German DWI website in the News & Media section.