Eva Brockmann crowned as Germany's 75th Wine Queen


Eva Brockmann is the 75th German Wine Queen and comes from Franken. Jessica Himmelsbach from the Baden wine-growing region and Lea Baßler from the Pfalz region complete the Royal trio as German Wine Princesses.

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The three wine experts proudly carry the office further into the modern era for the 75th year of its existence. Over 200 appointments await the team, during which they will act as ambassadors for German wine worldwide.

Eloquent and knowledgeable in the preliminary decision for the election, then with self-assurance and spontaneity in the exciting final, Eva Brockmann from Haibach in the district of Aschaffenburg convinced firstly the expert jury then after that, also won the sympathy of the spectators. This year was the second time that the public made the final decision as to who would be the new German Wine Queen.

"It's indescribable, I'm at a loss for words," said the 24-year-old newly crowned wine majesty, completely overwhelmed after her election. Most of all, she is looking forward to working together with the team, planning new great campaigns to promote Germany as a wine country. This is the ninth time that the highest German wine crown has gone to Franken. The last time was in 2008/09 when Marlies Dumbsky from Volkach brought the crown to the wine-growing region.

"With Eva Brockmann, Jessica Himmelsbach and Lea Baßler, we once again have an extremely strong and professional team at our side, which will represent the wine industry excellently at home and abroad," the managing director of the German Wine Institute (DWI), Monika Reule, was pleased to announce. From her point of view, the election has also impressively shown how much the office of the German Wine Queen has modernized and professionalized in its 75 years.

Stage presence and authentic appearance required

After the five finalists had already demonstrated their extensive wine knowledge in the preliminary decision last week, the main focus in the grand final was on personality, charisma and stage presence.

In the blind wine tasting, the candidates had to correctly determine the grape variety and then the growing region for a wine selected by the audience. For the 75th anniversary year of the election, the candidates arranged five former wine queens in correct chronological order and demonstrated spontaneity and quick-wittedness in the subsequent rhetoric game.

The great tension in the hall after the first round of play, when Monika Reule announced the jury's interim vote for the three final crown contenders, quickly dissolved into jubilant applause. There was approximately 700 guests in the Saalbau in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

Speed required in the wine knowledge duel

After the jury had chosen the new trio of wine majesties, the final round of games was about who would wear the crown of the new wine queen. In the wine knowledge duel, the three candidates competed against Master of Wine Romana Echensperger. For the concluding question, the finalists responded in a spontaneous, half-minute short speech nominating with whom and why they would like to drink a glass of wine if they were to be the 75th German Wine Queen.

Varied show acts

SWR presenter Holger Wienpahl guided the audience skillfully through the election evening, which was enriched by three shows. In addition to the Italian singer Matteo Bocelli with his song "For you" and Eric Philippi with "Wir bleiben noch", the young singer Loi thrilled the audience with her songs "News" and "Gold" - fitting for the final vote.

(PDF: Portraits of the 75th German Wine Ambassadors)

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