Good conditions for vine flowering in Germany


In Germany's southwest the vines have begun to flower. In cooler regions, the onset of flowering is expected within the next days.

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Blooming vines in Germany
Blooming vines in Germany

Fortunately, the forecasted weather conditions in Germany mean wine producers can expect a rapid and undisturbed flowering period.

Good flowering gives hope for a good harvest

The winegrowers follow the flowering of the vines with great excitement every year. If it runs without problems like this year, they can hope for a good harvest. Cool temperatures during this phase result in less fruit set and correspondingly reduced yields.

Harvest expected for mid-September

The timing of this year's flowering is in line with the long-term average. As fertilization and fruit set follow soonafter, it also marks the beginning of grape development. The grapes are expected to be ready for harvest in 90 to 100 days from then. The current stage of development means that the main harvest for the 2023 vintage can be expected to begin around mid-September.

However, the first early-ripening grapes for the production of "Federweißer" (partly fermented so called "new wine") will certainly be harvested as early as the end of August.

A mix of sun and rain would be ideal

For the time leading up to harvest, winegrowers wish for many sunny, yet not too hot, days mixed with phases of extensive downpours in order to maintain the currently good water supply for the vines.

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