Clink Different – EU marketing campaign sums up positively


The German Wine Institute (DWI) and the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) draw up a positive balance after four years of successful cooperation as a part of of the EU-funded marketing and communication campaign "Clink Different".

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Awareness of German and French wines increased

"The primary goal of the campaign, to increase awareness and sales of wines from Bordeaux and Germany in the USA as one of the most important export markets of both countries, was more than achieved," explained Monika Reule, DWI Managing Director. An evaluation of the 'Clink Different' campaign, which focused on the six US states California, Oregon and Nevada on the west coast as well as South Carolina, Florida and Georgia, shows that the image of German wines has improved significantly, especially on the east coast. They are now increasingly perceived there as high-quality, modern wines with a good price-performance ratio and appeal to consumers' tastes.

In Florida and Georgia, the customer base increased by seven percentage points. The demand for German Pinot Noir in particular is on the up in Georgia. In California, sales of German and Bordeaux wines increased by 6 percentage points and wine consumption by 5 percentage points.

'Clink different' in figures

The activities of the campaign included numerous promotional events for multipliers from retail, gastronomy and the media as well as fact-finding trips for media representatives and influencers. The campaign was accompanied by specialist seminars, which took place both on site and online (see video).

A total of 227 journalists took part in the numerous “Clink Different” events. The fact-finding trips for media representatives to the German wine-growing regions and to Bordeaux generated 359 press articles. Further information trips were organized for 148 retailers and sommeliers as well as 11 influencers. A total of 2136 experts took part in 46 wine seminars, almost all of them gave positive feedback on the events.

The comprehensive package of measures was accompanied by a campaign website that had more than half a million visitors. Around 6.7 million people were reached by extensive social media activities with over 366 articles, postings and 15 video productions about Germany as a wine country and the Bordeaux wine region.

In the first year of the campaign, 210 restaurants took part in promotional measures for gastronomy, reaching over 470,000 people. In addition, 259 supermarkets and 689 wine shops as well as four online wine retailers were engaged in trade promotions: around 142,000 customers tasted wines from the German wine regions and Bordeaux, the online retailers recorded a sharp increase in sales with 265,000 bottles sold.

Funding and Outlook

A budget of 9.8 million euros was available for the campaign, 80 percent of which was financed by the European Union as part of the EU funding program "Enjoy, it's from Europe". Since all activities for the year had to be stopped from March 2020 due to the pandemic, the campaign period, which was originally planned to run for three years, was extended by one year by mutual agreement of all partners. After the success of "Clink Different", the DWI and CIVB plan to continue the campaign this year until 2025.

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