DWI Showcases Regional Classics at ProWein


The German Wine Institute (DWI) presented "German Classics - The Classics of the German Winegrowing Regions" to trade visitors at this year's ProWein trade fair.

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For this, the regional wine advertising associations have each selected one or two types of wine that best represent their winegrowing region.

At the busy DWI stand in Hall 1 (C120), a total of 20 regional classics from all 13 winegrowing regions will be available for free tasting all day from 19 to 21 March. The collection will also be presented in a moderated tasting on the first two days of the fair.

Trade fair motto with high market relevance

For DWI Managing Director Monika Reule, this year's motto for the well-attended trade fair is highly relevant to the market: "Regional classics create trust when buying wine and help to sharpen the profile of the individual winegrowing regions. In addition, regionality continues to play a major role in consumers' buying behaviour." Furthermore, the head of the DWI emphasises: "The grape varieties presented are our strengths and thus set Germany apart from the international competition."

In line with the "Classics", the "Dream Team Riesling and Pinot Noir" will be presented at the stand at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday and Monday of the fair. Another current tasting theme on all three days of the fair is the new, sustainable, fungus-resistant grape varieties, known in Germany as the PiWis.

"Love the wine you're with" is the motto once a day when the young winemakers of Generation Riesling invite visitors to the DWI stand for tastings.

The tastings will be hosted by German Wine Queen Katrin Lang and the two German Wine Princesses Juliane Schäfer and Luise Böhme in turn.

On Monday at 5:00 p.m., Generation Riesling invites you to a relaxed end to the fair day with a light evening snack at the Generation Riesling stand under the motto "Don't mess with my wine – Abendbrot mit der Generation Riesling".

Eighth ProWein appearance by Generation Riesling

This year, and for the eighth time, the DWI is organising a joint presentation for Generation Riesling in the immediate vicinity (Hall 1 / E121). From the world's largest organisation of young wine producers, ten members from eight wine-growing regions will be presenting their latest wine collections:

Weingut Max Jäck; Baden; www.weingut-max-jaeck.de

Winzerhof Nagel, Franken; www.winzerhof-nagel.de

Weingut Philipps-Mühle; Mittelrhein; www.philipps-muehle.de

Weingut Carlo Schmitt, Mosel; www.weingut-carlo-schmitt.de

Weingut Schömehl, Nahe; www.schoemehl-wein.de

Weingut Hauer, Pfalz; www.katharinenhof-hauer.de

Weingut WoW by Wolfgang Bender; Pfalz; www.wolfgangsweine.de

Weingut Becker; Rheinhessen; www.weingut-becker.com

Weingut Reis & Luff; Rheinhessen; www.reis-luff.de

Hendriks Wein; Württemberg/Bodensee; www.hendriks-weine.de


Tastings at the DWI ProWein stand 2023.

- Hall 1 C120 -





Dreamteam Riesling & Spätburgunder


10:30 am


Regional Heroes


12:00 pm


Generation Riesling -

Love the wine you're with


02:00 pm


11:30 am

Sustainable Grape Varieties


03:30 pm



01:00 pm

Orange Hour with Dutch trade visitors

Sunday05:00 pm


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