New York Times editor raves about German wines


"Germany's wines are great. There's so much variety beyond Riesling, which is wonderful in itself. I have to publish these stories - it's on my list," says Eric Asimov, wine critic for the New York Times (NYT ).

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"The wines of Germany are great"

Eric Asimov's work for The New York Times (NYT) is featured in the current NYT Times Insider column by his colleague, Josh Ocampo. When asked "What wine would you wish more people knew about?" he replies like a shot: "Riesling and other grape varieties from Germany!"

"Wine is no longer just the product as we know it today"

In Ocampo's column, Asimov explains how the variety of wines has transformed the industry. There are also other hotly debated topics of our time, such as new wine containers and containers (e.g. bag-in-box and pouches), topics such as alcohol-free wine and much more. "Wine is no longer just the product as we know it today," says Asimov.

25 years of swirling, sniffing and sipping

No one knows this better than Eric Asimov, THE New York Times wine critic. In his 25 years of swirling, sniffing, sipping, and writing about wine, Eric Asimov has seen trends come and go, from the controversial rise of natural wine to the "anytime of the day" passion for rosé.

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