Generation Riesling in Ireland


Ten young winegrowers of the 'Generation Riesling' traveled to Ireland in may to bring the country and the Irish people closer to German wine. In the residence of the German Ambassador Cord Meier-Klodt, they presented their wines to a top-class audience of wine specialists.

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Zehn Winzerinnen und Winzer der Generation Riesling präsentierten deutsche Weine in Dublin.
Zehn Winzerinnen und Winzer der Generation Riesling präsentierten deutsche Weine in Dublin.

The day began with a "Talk & Taste" seminar moderated by Steffen Schindler (Marketing Manager of the German Wine Institute).

Picturesque scenery, best weather, excellent wines

In the spacious park of the residence, the guests were then able to convince themselves of the great variety and high quality of German wines during a "walk-around tasting" - in wonderful weather in front of the picturesque backdrop of the residence.

Additional international guests from the German Embassy were invited to the evening event as well. Everyone showed great interest in the wines of the young generation of German winemakers,

Once again the young winegrowers succeeded in promoting the positive image of German wines. The Generation Riesling (GR) members convinced with first-class wines as well as their individual charisma.

Participating companies:

Weingut Matthias Müller, Schlossgut Liebig, Weingut Hellmer, Weingut Bretz, Weingut Baron Knyphausen, Weingut Stenner, Weingut Gröhl, Weinhof Steitz, Weingut Seyffer, Weingut Ökonomierat Lind

About the Generation Riesling

In 2006, the German Wine Institute (DWI) has established the Generation Riesling (GR). Starting in 2009 when a first GR-website was established, the lively platform for young German wine producers reaches audiences on a global scale. Since then GR has grown into the world's largest community of well educated, internationally experienced and highly ambitious wine professionals up to the age of 35 – bringing together winegrowers, business directors and cellar masters from cooperatives and estate wineries.

GR's members embody the spirit of innovation, quality and engagement that defines the German winegrowing community. Their portfolios of modern wines are winning converts with each pour. While Riesling as Germany's most famous grape holds the prime position in the group's title, the organization proudly represents the entire spectrum of German grape varieties

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