The 2023 harvest is progressing rapidly


After the sunny weather at the beginning of September greatly accelerated the ripening of the grapes, the 2023 grape harvest is proceeding extremely quickly.

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In Rheinhessen or Baden, many wineries assume that by the end of September - and thus unusually early - all the grapes should already be harvested. On the Moselle or the Middle Rhine, where the late-ripening Riesling dominates, the harvest will drag on a little longer, provided that it remains largely dry in the next few weeks.

Selective harvesting and grape health

This year, the selective harvest of healthy grapes is the order of the day and grape health is more important than the last degree of Oechsle. In particular, premium qualities require a high level of attention and a lot of manual work. The situation in the vineyards depends very much on the location and the grape variety. The new robust grape varieties or the Silvaner have come through this difficult year with its extreme weather conditions very well so far. The Burgundy varieties had to be harvested quickly. Locations with lighter soils, which were able to dry quickly after the sometimes very abundant rainfall at the end of August, also had an advantage.

Many winegrowers accept lower yields due to selective harvesting. However, it is still too early to give a more accurate estimate of the harvest volume. The DWI also provides ongoing information about the grape harvest in all 13 growing regions on its Facebook and Instagram channels: Facebook and Instagram: #weinlesehoch13

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